philosophy poem



the dry leaf leaves the three

what a windy musical way to go, who left who ?

the three the leaf or the leaf the tree ?

the answer : as one as chicken and egg...that will do.

in every atom there is already an idea

like it takes you and me to get to three

philosophy makes this interaction understood

from where life began till what's to be done

the more patient and wise

the more nihilism looses it's disguise

no distance between reptile and human beiing

now we understand, then we were only seeing

life, one big orchestra of real art

each of us playing our daily part

dating back from times nobody counted the days

when space and matter wanted to find a way

to express by word and image where they came from

to unfold the mystery of the becoming of real freedom

even if you do not act ...you do !

the neverending spiritual adventure needs you too

life is not only about genes beiing created

but also about values beiing updated

the laws of nature are the notes of life

matter wrote the symphony for the piece of man and wife

matter became us, we became friends, family, lovers...

...why, is what we will have to discover

our essences confront each other

sometimes we help by not helping, not bother

biology transmits it's problems and solutions

the new generations always ad to the conclusions

love is lightening the strong and weak parts

it proves that living together is the greatest art


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